May 10, 2022

Public Health has declared a Covid 19 outbreak on all of 3rd floor, 4 N/E and 5 N/E

Only 1 essential caregiver can visit at a time for the residents on 3rd floor, 4 N/E and 5 N/E and must wear full PPE during the visit.  General visitors are temporarily paused for 3rd floor, 4 N/E and 5 N/E.

There are no visitor restrictions for the remaining floors in the home

Essential Caregivers coming into the home must provide proof of 3 vaccination and continue to have two rapid antigen tests completed each calendar week.  Unvaccinated visitors are permitted for outdoor visits only.

General visitors are permitted the home but they must provide proof of 2 vaccines and rapid antigen tests completed with each visit and wait for the results of the test (15 mins)

Rapid antigen testing is required and available on site for staff and visitors only.

Partially or unvaccinated visitors may visit outside only and are required to have a rapid antigen tests completed prior to the visit.  If a resident is not able to come down independently for the outside visit, then prior arrangements must be made.

All visitors must continue to wear facial masks inside the home and is a recommendation of the home to continue to wear masks for outdoor visits.  Visitors are not permitted to consume food or beverages during the visit.

Tours of the home continue to be cancelled until further notice






Dear Residents, Families and Team Members,

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our residents, team members and their families. We are immensely proud of our team who is committed to do everything they can to respond to this challenge. Under the directives and guidelines of the Ministry of Long-Term Care and Public Health, we continue to take all steps necessary to keep our home safe.

Albright Centre Management

Long Term Care Home

Independent Senior Living

Registered Charity