Quality Management Services

Enhancing Quality, Shaping Success. 

The landscape of long-term and senior care is evolving rapidly, presenting considerable complexity in staying abreast of these changes. This challenge is particularly daunting for smaller organizations lacking the resources to effectively navigate the shifting operational criteria, quality standards, and legislative mandates that affect us all.

Entrust Albright Manor to become your reliable ally in overseeing your residence. With a decade of experience, we have established a solid reputation for assisting senior care facilities in enhancing their administration and management practices, enabling them to concentrate on their primary mission – providing exceptional care for their residents.

Our Services Include: 

  • Third-party management of Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes
  • Development of policies, processes, and quality standards
  • Education and training initiatives
  • Financial management support
  • Comprehensive planning and review processes

For more information please contact Saad Akhter at [email protected].

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