Tree of Friends

Tree of Friends

The Albright Foundation’s Tree of Friends donor recognition wall is prominently located in the main foyer entrance to Albright Manor. 

A noted artist from Hamilton, Mr. Conrad Furey, was commissioned to construct the wall. The “Niagara Harvest” theme is portrayed in a whimsical fashion using an array of vibrant colours to reflect the countryside setting of Albright Manor.  The wall, measuring 8 x 12 feet, is a three-panel construction in relief form using a wood carved and acrylic painted surface.

All of our donors will be honoured by having the opportunity to either mount a leaf inscribed with their name, or the name of a loved one, on the tree element of the wall and/or their name inscribed in the separate hand crafted donor book mounted on an adjoining pedestal.   Each leaf colour represents a defined range of giving.  Donations are cumulative, allowing a donor to move from the book onto the wall over time or change from one leaf colour to another.  The donor book lists the donor names in giving ranges only with no specific gift amounts.

The Tree of Friends provides a prominent tribute to all of our supporters and a decorative focal point to Albright Manor for our residents, families and visitors to enjoy.

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