Our Team 

Saad Akhter
Chief Executive Officer 
P: ext. 128   E: [email protected]

Joanne Cartmer 
P: ext. 125   E: [email protected] 

Tyler Mitchell
Chief Financial Officer 
P: ext. 133   E: [email protected] 

Maria Romagnoli 
Chief Nursing Officer
P: ext. 124   E: [email protected] 

Joanne Niceliu 
Associate Director of Nursing
P: ext. 126  E: [email protected] 

Liegha Deluca 
Associate Director of Nursing
P: ext. 127  E: [email protected] 

Katherine Deer 
Nurse Practitioner 
P: ext 161 E: [email protected] 

Abdul Makki 
IPAC Lead 
P: ext. 154  E: [email protected] 

Jim McArthur 
Director of Properties 
P: ext. 130  E: [email protected] 

Katelyn Ward
Director of Program & Support Services 
P: ext. 138  E: [email protected] 

Penny Zdichavsky 
Director of Dietary Services  
P: ext. 131  E: [email protected]

Ruth Huckson  
Director of Housekeeping & Laundry Services 
P: ext. 132  E: [email protected] 

Jennifer Vandenberg 
Resident & Family Services Coordinator 
P: ext. 129 E: [email protected] 

Shaikh Ahmed
QI Lead & Foundation Coordinator
P: 106 E: [email protected] 

Long Term Care Home

Independent Senior Living

Registered Charity