Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative 

The Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021, brought into force on April 11, 2022, requires every licensee of a long-term care home to implement a continuous quality improvement initiative.  This is a new legislative requirement that Albright welcomes as to enhance our existing Quality Management Program.

Under Albright’s existing Quality Management Program, the Board of Directors mandates the CEO to implement and maintain an effective Quality Management Program that complies with the legal requirements as mediated by legislated agreements.  This Quality Management Program includes but is not limited to the participation of interdisciplinary teams, feedback from residents and families, and the creation of a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Moving forward with the new legislation requirements, the CEO will be considered the designated lead for the continuous quality improvement initiative for fiscal 2022-2023.

As fiscal 2022-2023 progresses, Albright will form a continuous quality improvement committee, as set forth in the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 and it’s accompanying regulations.  This new committee will include many of the members of the already existing Quality Committee but also include new members as set forth in legislation.  

As the Act permits six (6) months, from the coming into force of the Act, for the formation of the new continuous quality improvement committee; the Act requires an interim continuous quality improvement initiative report for 2022-2023 to be submitted within three (3) months, from the coming into force of the Act.

To meet the requirements of this interim report, Albright has utilized resources from our existing Quality Management Program, Resident Survey Information and Ontario Health’s Quality Improvement Plan Process.  As the Ontario Health’s Quality Improvement Plan was voluntary in 2022-2023, due to on-going pressures from COVID-19, it should be noted that Albright did not submit the attached Quality Improvement Plan to Ontario Health and that the posted Quality Improvement Plan is still a work-in-progress resource that the continuous quality improvement committee will use to build on.

This interim report has been prepared by management and will be submitted to the upcoming family and resident councils, and soon to be formed continuous quality improvement committee.


Ashley Haynes

Interim Chief Executive Officer 

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Narrative 

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Workplan


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