Volunteer Services

The services and programs volunteers provide are an invaluable support to our staff that truly enhance the life of our home, for our residents. Our Volunteers are an integral part of the Albright community, using their skills and experience to encourage, engage and uplift on a daily basis. 

The types of Volunteer Positions available at Albright Manor include:

  • Tuck Shop Attendant – Provide good customer service to residents, staff and family members when purchasing items from the Albright General Store
  • Meal Time Partner – Assist residents with meals, provide a safe and pleasurable dining experience
  • Special Event Assistance – ticket selling, fundraising assistance, extra hands during special events
  • Friendly Visitor- Visit with residents on a one-to-one basis, while providing comfort, companionship and social stimulation.
  • Mail Delivery- To deliver pre-sorted mail to residents throughout the home in a positive & friendly manner
  • Library Organizer -To organize all large and small print books alphabetically, straighten and tidy shelves on a regular basis
  • Musical Entertainment – Sing, play an instrument, entertain our residents through meaningful music
  • Pet Visitor – Bring your furry friend (with a vaccination record) to spend some time with our list of pet friendly residents
  • & Much More


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